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'I received my PianoBox games and I absolutely love them! The games are so beautifully handcrafted and will be so helpful for my daughters who take piano lessons. I just wanted to say thank you for making this beautiful, helpful, fun product!

Alison Smart

"I love Glissando and Mini-Glissando! It is a fun game to play in person or online! I play it one-on-one as well as in groups. Students can use their own game board or work as a team and share a board. Having the grand staff repeated on the board is a plus as students use their knowledge to name notes, be it mnemonics, intervallic or guidepost notes, or simply count up and down from notes they know well. This game is a keeper for my studio. I'm so glad we have it!"

Paula Manwaring, NCTM

“High quality and fun products! Teachers and students can play according to the prescribed game rules or get creative and adapt to suit students’ needs to introduce new concepts or reinforce old ones. Great customer service added to the experience.”

Mandarin G. Cheung-Yueh, NCTM

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