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88 Keys - Cards Only
88 Keys - Cards Only

88 Keys - Cards Only

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88 Keys- Cards Only are the cards that come with our board game 88 Keys!

These are cards that you can play with ANY keyboard (a keyboard mat, real piano, or a keyboard)

Players use any pieces (see our cool 3D-Printed and Laser Cut Out Music- Themed Pieces!) and start at the far left (the bottom) of the keyboard.
They then make their way up the keyboard by following the directions on the cards to try to get to the far right (the top) of the keyboard.

With these cards you can practice multiple important concepts:
Note names of the piano keyboard
Half steps
Whole steps
And...rests, ties, naturals, and repeat signs!

The one rule that makes this game REALLY fun is if you land on another player it kicks them back an octave!

These cards can be used with one person or with several players!

All playing cards are laminated!