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Vivace Tool
Vivace Tool
Vivace Tool

Vivace Tool

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Vivace Tool is one of our most recent tools.

Vivace Tool is identical to the Vivace Game - the difference being that the tool includes only the 17 acrylic musical symbols, along with a black draw string bag, and basic instructions. If you would like to get the 51 laminated and leveled playing cards and more detailed instructions and ideas on how to play more games, you would want to order the Vivace Game instead.

Vivace Tool includes 17 basic musical notes and symbols formed out of 3/16" thick acrylic. These large notes and symbols range in size from 2 inches to more than 3 inches tall.  They come in a large black draw string bag perfect for allowing students to reach in, feel each piece, and guess the symbol or note they are touching. Your students will learn to know each curve of every advanced note and symbol. It's powerful!

You have your choice of getting an all black or a multi-colored symbol set.

You also have your choice of ordering just a single set of the Vivace Tool, or, purchasing the 'Vivace Tool Package which contains both the 'Vivace Advanced Tool' and the original 'Vivace Tool' as a package for a substantial discount.


The 17 acrylic musical symbols contained in Vivace are:

Treble Clef

Bass Clef

Eighth Note

Beamed Eighth Note


Quarter Note

Dotted Quarter Note

Half Note

Dotted Half Note

Whole Note

Eighth Rest

Quarter Rest

Half Rest

Whole Rest



Natural Sign